Saturday, February 06, 2010

Home Again 

Can you imagine being at home wherever you go?
Can you get in touch with what would make that so?
Do you feel safe and at peace when you travel?
Do you give yourself loving and happy thoughts throughout the day?

I notice that familiarity is helpful because I know I will have what I need to prepare a meal or sit and read.
I notice that when changes occur, it is helpful to have some anchoring familiar stuff.
Regular routine, usual foods, taking time to appreciate, or just writing these loving reminders every day.
In the ever-changing world, there is a call for anchors, safe havens and home base.

When we are traveling from home to work, on vacation, changing habits or moving, it is essential to our inner peace to find a rhythm or comfort zone in which to rest or return when storms appear.
Where do you go when you are in doubt or questioning?
What do you do when your body needs a rest and renewal break from daily stresses?
How do you eat and sleep when you are traveling or in unfamiliar circumstances?

More than we know, we are creatures of habit who need some habits so we can simply flow.
More than we see, with the multidimensional world of kaleidoscopic changes, we need some stability.
More that we care, we have need of safe havens, sanctuaries, places of refuge and renewal.
Life asks much of us physically, mentally, spiritually and in all our relationships, so take the time.

Give yourself quiet time.
Give yourself methods of getting centered and grounded.
Establish habits and routines which are both stabilizing and natural.
Trust your own unique needs for  the familiar and comfortable.

I love to travel.
I love to come home.
I love to create diversity.
I love routine and schedule.

My life works because I create a balance that works for me.
When there is too much happening, I need to slow down and be comfortable.
When there is too little going on, I need activity and diversity to wake me up.
Do what you need to do to give yourself what is highest and best for you.

I am loving you and so glad to be home.

And already packing light for our trip to Australia in three weeks!
Loving you and me as we make our sacred journey through life as fun, safe and easy as can be!
Betty Lue