Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Honoring my Mom 

Honoring my Mom
(July 2, 1921 until February 9, 2009)

Thank you for the wonderful model of loving and giving.
Thank you for always treating me with respect.
Thanks for giving me responsibility and independence to learn and grow.
Thanks for including me as an equal part of family discussions and decisions, even as a toddler.
Thanks for using your healing hands when there was a need.
Thanks for believing in the basic values and living them every day.
Thanks for taking good care of your marriage and your family and yourself.
Thanks for always being aware of what was needed in the community and extended family.
Thanks for always caring about everyone, no matter what their background or circumstance.
Thanks for having no prejudices and not passing on any judgments you may have had.
Thanks for not gossiping, flirting, shopping, getting emotional or acting out.
Thanks for being willing to take into our home those who had need as you were called.
Thanks for being a woman of faith without flaunting it or pushing it on anyone.
Thanks for enjoying the basic things in life, like cooking and sewing, gardening and cleaning.
Thanks for not praising or criticizing, but simply loving me and others as we are.
Thanks for neither exalting yourself nor diminishing  yourself.
Thanks Mom for the many ways you put others before yourself without sacrifice or martyrdom.
Thanks for being a living loving presence and reminder always and even now.

Mom, Marian A. Fisher made her transition with dignity and grace one year ago.
She was an exceptional woman exemplifying so many wonderful qualities of Love, Trust and Freedom.
I feel blessed and honored that she was my guardian from birth, my role model in life and unconditionally loving friend and partner.

Thanks to my Mom and all of our mothers who truly do the best they know.
Betty Lue