Monday, February 01, 2010

In Paradise? 

Wherever we are can be heaven or hell.
Whatever we experience is our choice.
However we believe is what we perceive.
Whomever we meet can be a holy encounter.

Yes, Hawaii is where we are now, on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Almost every year we bring a retreat group here to our Kona Coast condo.
The retreatants have departed and we have a few days without guests.
We can take some time to be still, listen and observe.

Why here? What about now? What have we learned?
Here in Hawaii, there are minimal distractions.
There are no complaints when you step into a warm, friendly happy place.
People can bring their past complaints and fears with them, if they wish.

With no place to go and nothing to do, there are only the thoughts we bring with us.
With freedom from schedule and obligation, there is the invitation to be honest with ourselves.
With everyone loving and no approval to seek, we simply are called to be true to oneself.
With life new each moment and freedom at hand, each day is a gift of love and  pure joy.

Paradise is found in freedom from fear.
Paradise is the place of perfect trust.
Paradise is the land of true love.
Paradise is wherever we live and give only gratitude and love.

Sometimes we fall in love to remember.
Sometimes we travel to beautiful places to remember.
Sometimes we experience a miracle to remember.
Sometimes we forgive the past to remember.

It is truly our choice to live in paradise or with struggle and sacrifice.
It is our decision to make, whether heaven or hell.
It is our experience we create with visions of happiness or pain.
It is our life to lead in openness and appreciation or contraction and judgment.

What a powerful place of realization… know I hold the key.
What a wonderful opportunity to be responsible….to choose paradise for me.
What a delightful movie to be created……tragedy, drama, comedy or enlightenment documentary.
What a grateful life in paradise for all to see.

Forgive, erase and release.
Choose again for today is yours.
Betty Lue