Monday, February 22, 2010

Tired and Happy! 

Have you ever fatigued yourself doing good deeds for others?
Have you been blessed with opportunities to serve that serve you well?
Have you given yourself so much fun that you fell into bed smiling?
Have you had the privilege of being the caregiver for those who really appreciated your care?

Such is the gift of this week with our three grandchildren.
We have been spending one or two days/week with them since they were born.
And occasionally a weekend with one or two overnight in our home.
This last week (Wednesday AM until Tuesday AM (tomorrow), we have been with them fulltime.
(Mom and Dad are in Australia with friends in need.)

We have earned our grandparents badge of resilience, humor and creativity.
We have laughed at the amazing truths of awareness.
We have smiled at the touching love of siblings being helpful and sharing.
We have been stern about the brief flareups of disrespect and forgetfulness.

We have been grandparents.
Yes, there are always ideas about what you might do if you were the parents, but we are not.
There are possible ways we have implemented to make life easier for Mommy.
There are little teachings about Love and Kindness that are shared along the way.

Grandpa is the master of children working together and fixing things and being patient.
Grandma is the master of difficult moments, one on one special times and remembering what is needed.
Together we flow making the work mostly fun, safe and easy.
“United we stand. Divided we fall.”

Some underlying truths are:
Whether young or old, able or not, we all want to be happy, loving and safe.
We all want to know we will be forgiven and always loved even when we make mistakes.
We all need to have the rest and food and connection with loved ones in our lives.
We all need to learn and grow, heal and know we are trusted and believed in.

Questions for us all to be aware of at home, at work and in the world we live in:
What can I do to make the world a better place for everyone to feel safe, secure and happy?
What can I give to live a life which feels positive and powerful and good for myself and others?
Who can I be in this and each moment to feel fulfilled and successful  in all my relationships?
How can I best share my gifts and natural talents to be helpful and encouraging to others?

In our own way, we are all grandparents to those around us.
As business people, teachers, healers, in sales, farming, industry…wherever we are, we can teach and heal.
There is an attitude of forgiving and love that can flow through us on the highways and at work that can be more understanding while maintaining some sense of value and purpose, teaching by example.
There is a way we can step up to be fully responsible for the quality of life in our relationships that will benefit and lead the way for others.

You are the One to make the difference.
You don’t need agreement from those around you to give your best.
Trust that you alone by example is modeling and leading the way.
Live your values everyday with everyone and feel confident and happy.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue