Tuesday, February 02, 2010

What is Bugging You? 

“A mote in your eye?”
“ Thorn in your side?”
“A growth needing removal?”
“A tooth causing pain?”

Signs of condemnation or a fearful unforgiven place in your psyche?
Everything is connected to everything in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realm.
All that we hold as pain and problem will be manifest in some form until we take full responsibility.
Being “able to respond” in a loving and healing way heals the pain and the apparent problem.

Through my own experience, just now, I have asked what is the experience I am having?
I have chosen to listen both on the surface as to how to respond with conscious healing?
I have asked and listened deeply to be able to share with you as to the most conscious response.
Everything is connected to everything, with it all being an “on purpose” to wake up to what is.

With ordinary victimization consciousness, we fall prey to believing life happens to us.
In the world of form, we tend to take notice when there is an obstacle in the road of life.
As a being with a body, we often don’t pay attention until we have physical or financial pain.
And when we seek to get love, it is the lack of love that we notice.

It is the absence of wholeness or disease that we seem to value with our energy.
It is the tiniest interruption of our life energy flow that bugs us.
It is the momentary experience of pain that causes us to stop and think scary stuff.
It is the on tenth of one percent of our aliveness that seems to draw us into “FEAR”.

The stories we tell about our problems beget more stories and more problems.
The mistakes we make, our failings and our faults become the issue of our concerns.
The history we hold of our downfalls, struggles and hardships become our badge of courage.
The myth we carry that our lack, littleness and limitation comes from the lessons we need to learn.

It is time to put away these childish notions.
It is time to stop belittling our value and our potential.
It is time to forgive the errant teachings of our history.
It is time to take responsibility for our Power and Greatness.

How do we  undo what has never been true?
How do we stop pretending we are mistaken?
How do we own our wholeness and Goodness?
How do we step up and live our Truth?

Step out of our spiritual laziness.
Undo the truths of past generations.
Stop guilt and blame, all judgment of any kind.
Take the spiritual laxative of massive forgiveness.

Practice the 30 day diet for enlightenment below.
Consider continuing all day everyday.
Be responsible for it all by responding with awareness and Love.
You can change your life right now.

Loving you,  

Betty Lue