Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What is Your Holy Purpose? 

Why are you on the planet?
Why did you show up for this life time?
What is your contribution and for whom?
How are you to live and give your God-given gifts?

What is your healing purpose?
Where are you needed and wanted?
Where are you called to live and give?
With whom are you to relate and how?

Your life matters.
You are here to make a difference.
Your service touches lives and teaches values.
Your creations inspire hearts and minds to create.

Wherever we are offering prayers, we heal.
Wherever we say kind words of love, we heal.
Whenever we stay in trust with Good, we heal.
Whenever we forgive mistakes, we heal.

Whenever we clean up clutter, we heal.
Whenever we make beauty, we heal.
Whenever we plant in a garden, we heal.
When we fully enjoy nature, we heal.

Whenever become aware of our breath, we heal.
Whenever we cook with love, we heal.
Whenever we speak from our heart, we heal.
Whenever we sing songs of praise, we heal.

Whenever we walk softly on the earth, we heal.
Whenever we watch the sun go down , we heal.
Whenever we say, “I love you.”, we heal.
Whenever we remember our ancestors, we heal.

When we respect our lives and our selves, we heal.
When we value the Good we have, we heal.
When we live life as though it mattered, we heal.
When we encourage the best in everyone, we heal.

Yes, your life has a healing and holy purpose.
Yes, you too are making a difference.
Yes, everything you think and do and say is a healing.
Yes, changing your focus to healing is all that is asked.

I am loving you and encouraging your healing and holy purpose,
Betty Lue