Sunday, February 07, 2010

When You Don’t Feel Good……. 

What do you do?
The body is a barometer of what is needed physiologically and emotionally.
The mind is an indicator of what we believe and think and judge.
The emotions are an expression of our response to our thoughts.

Which comes first or second is not so important as how we manage them all.
I am not my body. I have a body to wear for this human experience.
I am not my mind. I have a mind (computer) with which to think, remember, imagine and evaluate.
I am not my emotions. I have feeling with which I can recognize the energy flow of my experience.

If I am not my body, mind and emotions, what am I?
I am the spirit, the creator, the decision maker behind the scenes.
I am the chooser, the responder, the willing One who can play victim or Creator.
I can believe I am at the effect of my body, mind and emotions or I can take responsibility.

When my body doesn’t feel good, I can have a loving response or a fearful reaction.
I can treat my body as does a loving mother or I can be frightened by its apparent symptoms.
I can have my list of home remedies designed to bring comfort and rest (inner peace is healing) or I can add all my learned fearful reactions and add to my mental and physical stress.
I can surrender to God and only Goodness, Wholeness and Love and respond with assurance and peace.

When my mind thinks crazy, unhappy or upsetting thoughts, I can buy into them or change them.
I can treat the fearful learned  beliefs of the world with seriousness and defensiveness or…..
I can forgive and erase the thoughts and the thinker behind the thoughts.
I can choose again to affirm that which I choose to hold in my mind and imagination.

When my emotions appear to be less that open and flowing, with frustration or fear, I can recognize the blocks to the flow of life energy.
When I feel bad or sad or mad, I can choose again for the feelings that make me feel glad.
When I have lost the willingness to change my emotions, I can seek for the idea that is holding me hostage and release that thought with one that is more helpful and kind.

I am the chooser.
I can choose judgment or forgiveness.
I can respond with fear or love.
I can be upset or peaceful.

When I don’t feel good, I am patient and kind.
I am respectful and responsive.
I am open and willing.
I am forgiving and listen within to choose again.

I am loving you everyday, because Love is my natural State and yours as well,
Betty Lue