Saturday, March 27, 2010

Celebrate Simple Successes 

All successes are equally good.
Appreciate them all, big and small.

Celebration is living in miracle consciousness.
Appreciate and enjoy every moment of living, loving and giving.

When we can celebrate failures and successes, mistakes and corrections, we stay present for all Good.
When we recognize life is a journey in which we are all challenged to learn and grow, we know success.
When we appreciate our willingness to learn from everything and everyone, we are happy growing.
When we value our teachers and our life lessons, both given and received, we know inner peace.

Life is learning laboratory.
It is a classroom in which we comparison and evaluation is not possible.
Everyone must be viewed individually relative to our own unique history.
It is a school in which there can be no grading system, because everyone will pass.

Sometimes we have one simple lesson to learn and sometimes many over lifetimes.
Some have a repeated lesson to re-experience many more times in order to be free and fearless.
Some have an attachment to find the right way, the correct answer, the perfect solution.
Some simply bypass what is needed to be at peace and in love, until they are ready to learn.

Simple success may be found in taking a step, feeding yourself, saying your first word.
Success may be in dropping negativity and letting go of fear.
Success may be in giving your best and staying conscious of what is best for others.
Success may be in loving yourself with respect, appreciation and kindness.

Each step toward trust and freedom, inner peace and happiness is a gift we give ourselves.
Each simply success is a gift to be celebrated and fully enjoyed.
Each day we breathe and step out into the sunlight is an opportunity to feel good about being alive.
Each time we make an effort to live better, treating others better and honoring our values is a success.

Take time today and everyday to be grateful for being here, for being You!
Your life is a gift to you.
You are a gift to your world.
Celebrate the Gift you are and you will recognize your SUCCESS!

Loving you, 

Betty Lue