Saturday, March 13, 2010

Coming Home 

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This morning I want to share about the travel experiences to inspire you to get up and go somewhere new.
But mostly what I am feeling is so very glad to be home with You and me and all that sets us free to be.
I will share with you pictures, cultural and national differences we observed in late reminders.
This morning I want to share my appreciation for what we have created together in love.

Home is where the heart is.
Home is the familiarity of our own creation…our home, our bed, our kitchen, our foods.
Home is the opportunity to have what we want without consciously creating it bit by bit.
Home is the place where we feel we can fully be ourselves and do what inspires us.

As I am writing this I recognize that some travel to get away from a life that is not theirs.
Some see a vacation as the time to relax from how hard they must work to have what they want.
Some experience their everyday life as a place from which they want to escape and retire.
For me, my life is my vacation, my retirement, my home, my inspiration and my source of renewal.

What more could I want than what I have created for myself and those around me?
What else could I have that would inspire and renew me?
What better place to be that where I am at home and at work and at play?
I have created a life I love and people I am inspired by our relationships!

For me coming home is the return to the paradise of my own conscious creation.
It is the canvas on which I can more easily paint the landscape in which I live.
The return from travel is the opportunity to gain perspective on what I have and what I give.
My life is a creative expression of who I Am and what I want.

I cannot want what I already have.
I am home.
I am in love.
I am sooooo grateful.

And I love being with you in the most intimate way I know….sharing these Loving Reminders!
Loving you, 

Betty Lue

Questions to ask yourself:
Have you created a life you love?
Do you live in a home in which you feel safe and happy and free?
Are you doing the work you enjoy?
Do you fully appreciate the landscape of your life?