Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Short Today 

Internet down this AM until now, so short Loving Reminders for me and you.
All things work together for Good......
When we are willing to look deep within ourselves and listen to our heart.
Life is an adventure in learning, in remembering, in giving love and extending peace.

As we lift our consciousness into the sunlight and can see the Blessing in all things, we remember our Source.
As we forgive our fear and judgments, we can see the Gift and Live the Highest good.
As we realize our healing and creative potention, we come to know it is our choice to behold the Holiness in all things.
As we accept what it, we can receive the abundance, wisdom and love that always Is Present and available to us.

Loving you and loving me as One in the goodness that is our Essence and our Source,
Betty Lue

This train is run entirely by volunteers with only the engineer being paid.
It is a national treasure!  And great fun for big kids and little ones.
Mostly adults appreciate the incredible ride through the National forest and ferns.