Wednesday, April 14, 2010

All Good 

Everything Good comes from Good and must return to the Goodness from which it comes.
All Abundance comes from the Universal Abundance Account of Good It Self.
Use it only for Goodness Sake and you will increase your Abundant Flow of Good.
The work is to not divert, block or misuse the Good we receive, as it flows to us and through us.

What does this mean in practical terms?
How does one apply these rather spiritual statements?
How do you receive all Good and only Good?
How can you let go of the past and open the flow to Peace and Prosperity Now?

The process of life is to undo what is not true.
What we believe we will perceive.
If you believe your supply is limited, that is what you will generate.
Believe you wholeheartedly deserve and are grateful for the Good that is yours.

Forgive, erase, clear, undo, release the past, yours and your family systems.
Clear your mind of what you judge to be limiting, lacking and belittling.
Erase what scares and contracts you with fear, so that you can feel loved and open to Infinite Love.
See your inheritance as from The Infinite Unlimited Supply rather than from the limitations of humanity.

To celebrate and appreciate is to increase, invite, enjoy and honor the Good available to All.
To be thankful and to respect what your receive everyday (air, water, earth, food, shelter) is honorable.
To utilize everything for Goodness Sake is to be a conscious and respectful steward of what you have.
When we deny, denigrate, defile or waste the Good that is given, the supply diminishes in our disrespect.

Prepare and eat and bless the food on your table.
Be grateful for the home you live in, the transportation you use, the bed you sleep on, the air you breathe.
Live in gratitude and enjoyment of what you have with respect for its value and you will have more.
Life in judgment, fear and ignoring the blessings you have and they may diminish.

What you value, give attention to increases.
If your intention is on what you don’t have, that too will increase.
To the degree we are focused on Good and only Good, we experience more Good and Only Good.
When we are focused with thoughts and words on bad luck and lack, we experience more of the same.

The white board of our mind is ours to clear.
The inner creative computer can access paths to fulfillment or paths to disaster.
We are at the controls and can choose to clear the fear and choose again for supply.
We are capable of undoing the limiting conceptions and perceptions and creating anew.

Affirmations (to be written and spoken or chanted 20 + times daily, until you clear limiting beliefs)
I know I am Good and I live and give the Highest Good.
Today I fully open to receive All Good and Only Good.
Everyday I choose to use the Good I receive to be used and given for the Sake of the Highest Good.
I am willing to be a channel and a messenger of Good for All, including myself.

Loving You,
Betty Lue