Thursday, April 15, 2010

Give Where It Counts 

From the Tao Te Ching
“The way of man is taking from those who lack and giving to those who abound.
The way of Heaven is taking from those who abound and giving to those who Lack.”

If you are lacking, receive from Heavenly Sources.
If you are abundant, give to those who are ready for the blessing.

To pour our energies into getting more has little real lasting reward.
To invest resources and energy on those who truly benefit is a great blessing for all.

Life is a flow of giving and receiving.
To slow the flow with fear and judgment limits what is natural.
To open the flow with freedom and trust allows abundant Goodness.
Give with gratitude and joy and you will receive gratitude and joy in the giving.

To have All, give All To All.
This refers to true giving of Love and Peace, Joy and Freedom, Enlightenment and Vision.
Money provides a temporary experience of comfort, security, food and shelter.
Lasting comfort and security, resting in Eternal Goodness that already is and comes from within.

Consider using your worldly treasures to provide a place of undistracted Peace wherein you can live.
Consider letting the world be your laboratory in which you experiment with how to live at Peace.
Consider allowing the playground of your life to be a place to practice, giving and receiving.
Consider removing all obstacles, fears and doubts to fully being the Love You Are.

April 15 is Tax Day.
How do you tax yourself?
How do you use you self-made taxation? ( “I have to pay for…….:
Are you respectful of all your resources using them for the highest Good?
Have you considered giving a portion of everything you receive to benefit others?

We must learn what we “earn” is our “earnest money”, our investment in the Good we seek in our lives.
We can invest in creating a world around us that supports our highest vision for everyone.
We can build a future for ourselves, our families, our communities and our world that benefits all.
We can share what we have for the Greater Good without losing anything and gaining everything.

Seek within to receive what you have with full gratitude.
See all around you the benefits of the Love You Are.
Enjoy the dividends of your investment in your own Goodness.
Give attention to that which blesses you and blessings will abound.

Whenever I am given the opportunity to give, I ask within : “What is the best way I can love and serve?”
When I have more than enough of anything (wisdom, love, money, ideas), I ask “How can I share this?”
When I share and give, I always receive again that which I have given.
When I am respectful and grateful for what is given and received, I amplify its value and benefit.

And so it is, that I commend you for your true giving nature.
For it is in giving that you receive.

Life is for giving.
You are the Gift.
It is in giving that you realize the gift you are and the blessings you have bestowed.

Loving you, 

Betty Lue