Saturday, April 17, 2010


What keeps you going?
What makes you happy?
What fills you with joy?
What spiritualizes your life?

The work in life is to be fully alive.
The work is to live abundantly.
The work is to clear the way to live with Love in your heart.
The work is to live with appreciation and open-mindedness.

What supports you in being fully alive?
What encourages you to play and create?
What gives you the inspiration to live to the fullest?
What inspires you to give freely unconditionally from your heart?

This is how you are inspired.
Everyday in every way fill yourself spiritually.
Everyday in every moment receive inspiration from All That Is.
Everyday in every choice, allow yourself to be grateful.

Being Special comes from loving ourselves especially well.
Specialness is found not in another relationship, but with Love for yourself.
Being Loved the way you want comes only from loving yourself in the ways that are Best for you.
Being Loving is found in living in Love and giving with Joy to all you encounter and all you do.

How can you not be inspired by a life that is inspiring?
How can you not enjoy each moment when your life is filled with inspiration?
How can you get lost when you let the lightheartedness of joy and gratitude lead?
How can you not feel fulfilled when you fill yourself with the Love of doing Good?

Life is meant to be enjoyed.
Are you enjoying the life you are giving yourself?
Do you reach for the sun?
Do you enjoy the flowers blossoming in the spring?
Do you love to see a baby laugh and coo?
Do you remember to bless your food and all those who brought it to your table?
Do you give yourself permission to do what you really want at least an hour each day?
Do you look and in the mirror and like what you see?
Do you value what you have and treat your life with respect?
Do you remember to thank everyone who serves you and helps you?
Do you interact with your family and friends with open love and appreciation?
Do you sing whenever you feel like singing and dance with the wind and life’s changing winds?
Do you love You with a Love that is True always?

I do!
Betty Lue is always Loving You and Me and All!