Friday, April 16, 2010

Loving You 

“Loving You”
This is my customary salutation …. because it is True for me.

I love You.
I love the Essence of You, the Authentic You.

I trust you in your life journey.
I trust you to learn and heal and grow.

I know you change attitude, emotions, awareness, life history, seasons and experiences.
I know you are an ever-changing energetic being who is always evolving.

I free you to be the best you can be in each moment.
I free you from pleasing me.

I encourage you to please yourself.
I encourage you to fully support your purpose in Being.

I celebrate with you your successes.
I celebrate all the learning and growth, service and contribution you are choosing.

I forgive and erase with love any and all mistakes.
I forgive and release our forgetting to be grateful.

I believe in you and your inner peace and possibilities.
I believe you can do whatever you choose with vision and determination.

I perceive you as empowered with the vision of your inner Light.
I perceive you healed, whole and holy, living your Truth.

I respect you for being willing to “go for it”.
I respect the Goodness that you live and give.

I honor the Goodness, Beauty and Love within you.
I honor the creative expressions of Love that you give to our world.

I thank you for being in my life, now and always.
I thank you for Being on this sacred journey with me.

I remember we are all Love expressing ItSelf.
I remember we are all in this together, all One.

I bless you for being the Love You Are.
I bless your life for showing the Way Home.

Loving you,  

Betty Lue