Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mother Earth 

Earth Day is officially April 22, this Thursday!

Do we acknowledge the source of sustenance from which we all benefit?
Do you honor what is given to us everyday as the resource of all life?
Do we give homage to what is ours without expectation or demand?
Do we appreciate and bless what blesses us with air, water, food and resources?

Most natural peoples have a full appreciation and respect for the Goodness of the Mother.
Most farmers are truly aware and appreciate the livelihood they receive from the Earth.
Most children find fascination and joy in playing with the many wonders of nature.
Most naturalists are consumed with the privilege of studying the many miracles of the natural world.

So what is it with the rest of us who live mostly inside our four walls, avoiding too much sun?
What is it with modern culture that artificially consumes Vitamin D and uses sun-tanning skin dyes?
What is it with the need to go faster and stock pile excess and use more than we need of everything?
What is it that causes us to take  for granted the bountiful and beautiful gifts of Mother Earth?

Kill bugs with pesticides.
Fertilize overused soil.
Eat radiated and preserved foods.
Drink chemically enhanced water.
Consume animal products .
Eat fast food with loads of fat and sugar.
Raise livestock and poultry treated poorly.
Pay more for the packaging than to the farmer.
Cut down trees to build homes and towns.
Put into our air and water substances that are toxic.

And still we expect the Source of our Good to bless us with abundant Sunlight and endless resources.

A little gratitude goes a long way……..
Let this week be about showing respect and appreciation for our wondrous resource.
Plant a tree.
Pick up trash.
Abstain from the processed foods you know are not the Best.
Say thank you when you prepare and eat your healthy salad.
Truly see and appreciate the budding flowers and trees.
Drive out to the country and watch the birds and wildlife.
Feel joy and wonder at the play of shadow and light.
Take some pictures of all the beauty that you see.

The more we fully appreciate the Abundant Goodness that already is, the more we have.
The more we appreciate, the more we can see and receive.
The more we appreciate, the more we conserve and use wisely.
The more we appreciate, the more secure and blessed we feel.

And so it is that this week, we can truly appreciate the Blessings of Mother Earth.
We are blessed.
Betty Lue

Chorus of Robert’s Song from many years ago.
We thank you Mother for your Love.
We thank you Father for your Light.
We do receive your Blessings.
And we Love You.

Fun Day at the beach with Grandma and Grandpa